International Partnerships

EERPF (Eastern European Real Property Foundation)

EERPF has been set up by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) as an independent foundation to initiate and organise a well structured, ethical, and educated real estate profession in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
This organisational effort has been undertaken simultaneously with the provision of technical assistance, training, and financial support for local professional and association development activities. The aim now is to bring the established associations program to a successful conclusion by leaving selfsustaining, professional associations capable of continuing the growth and development of the real estate industry in their countries.
The EERPF has provided multiple opportunities for the associations to meet and learn from each other. Out of these meetings has grown a recognition that the various national associations have a common interest in presenting their region to the wider real estate world, both to achieve recognition and to assist them in internationally marketing the real estate. They realize that the attraction of foreign investment is critical to their economies and their real estate markets. The result of this effort has been the setting up of CEREAN and the purpose is to facilitate networking, the sharing of experience on association development and to address the issues of professional practice.
The US "New Partnerships Initiative" through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has been the vital support also for CEREAN/CEEVAN start up. The main objectives of the USAID of strengthening the role of non-governmental organisations at the community level, of empowering small businesses to have a say in the economic growth and to help democracy at a local level are all implemented in this effort.

NAR (The National Association of Realtors)

In close cooperatin with EERPF the valuable links with NAR (The National Association of Realtors) and several of its institutes have been formed.
Representing more than 700.000 members, the NAR is at the forefront of industry and privaty property rights. As the world largest trade association, and "The Voice for Real Estate" for nearly 90 years, the REALTOR organisation consistently offers timely information and services that help all members in their daily business activities and strengthen their ability to succeed in the ever-changing real estate environment.
NAR offers its members an array of products and services, from general ones like reduced legal liability advice, increase sales productivity, managing your business, enhancing your image to specialized interests like appraisals, auctions, buyer representation, education programs and professional designations and many many others.
NAR has seven affiliated Institutes, Societies and Councils and CEREAN has links with most of them and in case of Counselors of Real Estate a valued "Protocol Agreement".
In the autumn of this year NAR and CEREAN are signing a Memorandum of Understanding which is another important step in mutual relations for all concerned. This significant act will enhance further cooperation, exchange of information and provide many other benefits for CEREAN members.
European connections include.

C.E.I. (Confederation Europeenne de l’Immobilier)

Which was founded in 1988 by Associations representing real estate agency in the United Kingdom, Germany, Luxembourg and France. Originally formed to enable member associations to discuss implications for estate agency with the completion of the European internal market in 1992. Now it has grown to become the voice of estate agency in Europe, curently representing approx. 20 000 estate agency offices in nine countries. The areas of planned close cooperation between CEI and CEREAN include - comparative law studies of real estate legislation in Europe, harmonisation of laws for the access to the profession and the practices of real estate. Of great interest is also internatinal referral cooperation.

R.I.C.S. (The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors)

Chartered Surveyors are highly trained professional experts in all aspect of land, property and construction. They understand property and the legislation governing it, the markets trading it, the services supporting it and the economics of building, buying, managing, maintaining and selling it. The formal training for a chartered surveyor lasts at least five years, and combines both theoretical knowledge and its practical application. The members of R.I.C.S. are active in three main areas - private practice, commercial concerns and public authorities, statutory and voluntary bodies. Through their European Society of Chartered Surveyors they can offer university-level surveying courses across Europe. Chartered surveyors are bound by strict rules of conduct on matters such as client confidentiality, conflict of interest and codes of conduct. The cooperation with ESCS would include setting up a University accredited post graduate courses leading to a qualification of ARICS or FRICS.


CEREAN stands for Central European Real Estate Associations Network, registered as a civic association, non governmental, not for profit organisation, concerned with the development of ethical and professional real estate markets in the member countries. The emphasis is also on promotion of home ownership in a democratic systém of government.